National Association of Valuers of Serbia “NAVS (NUPS)” is an association of appraisers of Serbia, founded at the end of 2006 in Belgrade, as a non-party, non-governmental and non-profit citizen’s association with an intention to act towards the public interest and to promote significance of the profession, methods and technics for valuating property, capital and equipment. Since our country is future candidate for EU membership, conjugation of the appraisal standards with the international standards comes as a part of the integration. NAVS (NUPS) is taking its place in this process both through education of appraisers in accordance with international and domestic standards, and certification. Association is a member of International Valuation Standards Committee – IVSC and The European Group of Valuers’ Associations – TEGoVA and iiBV The International Institute of Business Valuers.

Our objectives and tasks are to encourage and provide support for

  • the assembling of expert appraisers in order to improve the profession and protect their professional interests;
  • the laying of grounds for a non-governmental, professional system for valuating property and capital;
  • the defining and promotion of professional standards and good practices;
  • easier and faster appraisal operations in Serbia;
  • the exchanging of ideas, opinions and information among appraisers;
  • protection of the ethical code and professional interests;
  • the organization and incitement of actions concerning the operations of appraisers;
  • continuous education and certification of appraisers;
  • the creation of a new field of professional activity and the base for its growth and development in the transitional economy;
  • contribution to the development of a market economy and a free, efficient and fair real estate market;
  • the setting up and development of relations between real estate professionals and government institutions.

NAVS’s (NUPS’s) main task is to encourage appraisers professional competence, as well as to affirm their market value calculations, accomplished on the high professional level and with responsibility, that will have NAVS’s (NUPS’s) guaranty for fulfilling all international standards – International Valuation Standards – IVS and European Valuation Standards (EVS).

NAVS (NUPS) represents views of its members in their efforts to strenghten and affirm principles regarding valuation practices according to code of Ethics.