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National Association of Valuers of Serbia (NAVS)  has been organizing for thirteen consecutive years the education of court experts and expert valuers for real estate valuation process, as well as all professionals facing the problem of real estate valuation reports.

National Association of Valuers of Serbia (NAVS) has the pleasure to inform you that the application period for educational programme of real estate valuation has started, with the idea to improve your praxis with the correct implementation of International Valuation Standards – IVS and/or EVS European Valuation standards, following the ethical principles of the profession.

Attending the NAVS educational programme you will provide better market postioning for yourself and membership in NAVS will help you to brand your service with the quality mark recognized by professional valuers.

NAVS is member of IVSC since 2009, and TEGoVA since 2011. NAVS got the title “ Awarding member Association ” meaning it is the member of TEGoVA who may promote real estate valuers for REV (Recognized European Valuer) Certificate and the first group of our members has already been certified in November 2012.

The material for Educational Programme is based on expert cooperation with internationally recognized professional valuers organizations,, and is designed to meet the minimum criteria for the European sign „Recognised European Valuer“ (REV) provided by „The European Group of Valuers Associations“(TEGOVA)