Danijela Ilic Anfas_aDanijela Ilić, President
Email: danijela.ilic@procenitelji.org.rs

Boris Begenišić, Managing director
Email: office@procenitelji.org.rs

NAVS (NUPS) is a citizens’ association, it acts as a legal entity with rights, obligations and responsibilities come from the law and Statute.

        • NAVS (NUPS) bodies are Assembly and The Association Managing Board.
        • The highest body of administration is Assembly, which consists of all NAVS’s (NUPS’s) members.
        • The Association Managing Board has seven members, who are choosen and withdrew by the Assembly.
        • NAVS (NUPS) is represented by the President.

Members of the Association Managing Board:

– Danijela Ilić – President of Association

– Vesna Stefanović – President of Managing Board

– Member with frozen status

– Marko Popović – Director of section for valuation of equipment and production plants

– Nina Milenković – Director of  section for equity valuation

– Vladislav Ilić

– Goran Vujačić