NAVS (NUPS) members’ Code of Ethics represents a group of rules concerning rights and duties given for all members of National Association of Valuers of Serbia, that are based on a high level of their professional and moral responsibility.

Excerpt from Code of Ethics:

  • Every member will uphold the best interest of the subjects and companies in whole, even if this is contrary to the personal interest of the concerned member.
  • Members of the association will continue to undergo advanced training in order to better understand and represent professional interests.
  • Members of the association will at all times observe and uphold professional practices, as well as all legal, ethical and regulatory laws concerning appraisal and confidentiality of information obtained for purposes of appraisal.
  • The association’s court of honor will identify and sanction dishonest acts and failure to uphold the Code on the following grounds: when reported by another member, colleague, or when such a violation is evident in practice.


These Articles shall regulate the following matters in accordance with the Law:

  • reason for associating, objectives of the association and the means of their achievement;
  • name, registered office, stamp, seal, letterhead, etc;
  • form of association and internal structure;
  • terms of membership, termination of membership, and the rights duties and responsibilities of members;
  • bodies of the association and their rights duties and responsibilities;
  • publicity of operations;
  • representation;
  • acquisition utilization and disposal of assets;
  • joining other types of associations and membership in international organizations;
  • implementation of changes and amendments of the Articles of Association;
  • procedure for deciding to dissolve the organization;
  • disposal of assets after cessation of the association;
  • other provisions.


NAVS (NUPS) is the first professional appraisers volunteer association. It exists and works in behalf of its members and intend to implement the highest international standards in this vocation.

Association presents views of international professional appraisers associations (IVS) and establishes strict rules for becoming a member ccording to the ethics code. That rules all members have to accept.
The mission of NAVS (NUPS) includes:

  • Promotion of interests in relations to property, capital and equipment
  • Introduction of its members’ views
  • Encouragement of activities in accordance with the ethics code
  • Operating in accordance with the professional standards
  • Lobbying for reformation of legislature
  • Stimulation and establishment of professional contacts
  • Development of members’ skills
  • Foundation of international strategic alliances
  • Contribution to market economy progress in Serbia

Rulebook on the membership