National Association of Valuers of Serbia is organizing relevant educational programs for valuers in different fields in order to achieve its primary strategic goals that are set by the NAVS Statute.
The syllabus of educational programs are based on the criteria and requirements of internationally recognized organizations for vauers, which subsequently allows the participants , with the provision of additional conditions, to obtain an internationally recognized mark of professional competence.
In each of the educational programs, material is presented by domestic and / or international experts and valuers through normal classes and through practical preparation of case studies.
At the end of each educational program participants have to take final exam which comprises written test and oral presentation of Valuation Report, completed during the educational program, with subsequent questions regarding the case.

Educational programs that are available for participants are:
Various webinars and seminars for each year
Educational program for valuation of real estate
Educational program for valuation of machines and eqipment
Educational program for valuation of business