Recognised European Valuer
– REV, the mark of excellence in real estate valuation –

REV status is the mark of excellence in real estate valuation, demonstrating to international and local clients that the valuer is qualified to a consistent high European standard of practice. Since its inception it has been awarded by leading valuation associations across Europe.

The letters ‘REV’ enable cross-border real estate investors to identify local valuers qualified to a recognisable European level. This gives both large and small local valuation firms the opportunity to tap into the steadily increasing market for pan-European investor clients.

Yet REV’s greatest impact is on local clients. In times of economic uncertainty, local clients seek out professionals with special knowledge and experience who can help them make difficult investment and pricing decisions. Here, the competitive edge for REV valuers lies in their guaranteed minimum level of education and experience and the capacity to interpret global and local valuation impacts that comes from demonstrated familiarity with European Valuation Standards.

REV valuers display the initials ‘REV’ after their name on their business cards, are provided with a numbered REV impress stamp on their valuation reports and appear on the TEGOVA REV online register consulted by clients and practitioners from all over Europe.

If you are interested for attaining REV professional mark in Serbia please contact NAVS office at