Prodexpo Serbia 2024 – 9th Serbian Real Estate & Infrastructure Development Conference

The Serbian Real Estate & Infrastructure Development Conference took place!

The 9th annual real estate conference was renamed to Prodexpo Serbia and it was held at the Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade, on April 25, 2024. Following 25 years of success and experience in Athens, the city of Belgrade hosted the Prodexpo Serbia Conference focused on the real estate and infrastructure developments in Serbia and Southeast Europe. The Prodexpo Serbia Conference gathered the most influential property players for a day of networking, learning, and transactions. The conference attracted highly relevant attendees from major real estate developers, construction groups, financial institutions, public sector companies, journalists, and independent real estate professionals from Serbia and abroad.

The Conference, one of whose sponsors was NAVS, was very successful.

The Valuers panel: “Has an investor changed through the time? New trends and demands,” held at the end and skillfully moderated by Danijela Ilić, President of NAVS, sparked great interest, encouraging constructive dialogue and the formulation of concrete conclusions.