Exam dates for real estate course are:

18.06.2016. Podgorica

25.06.2016. Beograd

15.10.2016. Beograd

Application should be sent to office@procenitelji.org.rs by 7.6.2016.

CPD education

The program of continuing professional education for 2016.


List of seminars



Latest EVS 2012 standards

Dear all,

in October, comes out on the latest, 7th edition EVS 2012 standards translated into Serbian.

Price of the book is 90eur for members, while price for other is 120eur. If you are interested send us an email to office@procenitelji.org.rs with your data (or company data) and we will send you a copy.


National Appraisers Association of Romania – ANEVAR held a conference on 09. june 2007. in Timisoara – members of our association were also present. National Appraisers Association of Romania exists for 15 years and as soon as NUPS was created our cooperation started. The main issue was “Appliance of statistics in appraisal of capital”. Organizers’ goal was to highlight significance of statistics in representation of market capital appraisal, financial indices, as well as to point out the need for additional education of appraisers on the field of statistics. All information gathered on this conference will be represented to the members.