Arranging profession of real estate valuers in Serbia – what brings state regulation of the profession?

danijela ilic

Danijela Ilić

Uređenje profesije procenitelja nekretnina u Srbiji – šta nam donosi državno regulisanje profesije?

Procene imovine i kapitala za različite svrhe u Srbiji danas rade sudski veštaci iz različith oblasti stručnosti ali i kvalifikovani profesionalni procenitelji koji su kroz duži niz godina unapređivali svoje znanje i stručne veštine kroz primenu međunarodno prepoznatih standarda procene.

Procena je alat za dobro upravljanje poslovnim aktivnostima privrednih subjekata i za podizanje transparentnosti tih aktivnosti koje će povećati poverenje među stranama koje su uključene u poslovne aktivnosti. To je od ključnog značaja za planiranje ekonomskiog razvoja jedne zemlje. Iz tog razloga, razvoj i jako pozicioniranje profesije procenitelja je veoma važno za svaku zemlju.
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TEGoVA, General Meeting and Conference held in May

Spring TEGoVA General Assembly was held in Brussels on 14.05.2016.

The European Valuation Conference was held on 13.05.2016.

All presentations from these events can be downloaded from the website TEGoVA,


The Business Valuation Course






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National Association of Valuers of Serbia (NAVS) by the end of 2015 has become the member of worldwide known International Institute of Busness Valuers – iiBV (news published:
NAVS is one of five members of iiBV, together with American Society of Appraisers (ASA), The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV), China Appraisal Society (CAS) and The Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (Taqeem).
iiBV together with its members, professional valuation organizations, represents the leading global organization of professional business valuers and provides the education promoting consistent professional standards and ethic codes, motivating also the international comunication and cooperation.
For more information on iiBV you may visit, as well as NAVS website

Sixth year in a row, with great success, National Association of Valuers of Serbia is organizing the valuers’ education in the field of real estate valuation, but this year NAVS also offers the introduction course for plant and equipment valuers, as well as for business valuers, providing to both group of candidates possibility of additional specialization in those respected fields.

Seminar in cooperation with iiBV

Seminar “China: Inbound and outbound transactions” was held on Tuesday 24.05.2016. starting at 16.30. in Hotel Metropol Palace. Presenters were Ray Moran fron iiBV and Vladislav Ilić from NAVS.

nups 02

Link to video material is given below:


Ray Moran ASA, MRICS – CEO, MG Valuation–  Ray Moran is CEO of MG Valuation, with 34 years’ experience with International valuation firms. His responsibilities include all aspects of strategic planning, sales and marketing, engagement coordination and execution, and quality control. MG Valuation is an independent valuation firm serving clients in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific. He specializes in client relationships and valuations for cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions, and business in China and Asia/Pacific.


nups 044 nups 05 nups 04Ray is a Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), and a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. (MRICS). He is also a Member of the Board of the International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV) , and Chair of their Marketing Committee; past member of RICS Americas Plant Machinery Committee, and past editor of the ASA Machinery & Technical Specialty Journal.

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Press conference

Press conference was held at the NAVS conference office on Monday 23.05.2016.

Theme of the conference was the recent reception of NAVS in iiBV membership.


konferencija za stampu 1From left to right: Vldislav Ilić, Ray Moran, Danijela Ilić, Vesna Stefanović, Zoran Stanić


NAVS was represented by the president Danijela Ilić FRICS, REV and iiBV was presented by Raymond Moran ASA, MRICS member of Board of Directors.

Apart from the aforementioned participation took Vesna Stefanović ASA, REV, ACC which became a member of the iiBV Board of Directors.

Link to video material is given below:



Among other things, emphasis was placed on the seminar of which is scheduled for 24.05.2016.od 16h at Metropol Palace Hotel with title “China: Inbound and outbound transactions” that will be presented by Ray Moran and Vladislav Ilić.

konferencija za stampu 10 konferencija za stampu 6 konferencija za stampu 4 konferencija za stampu 2

New EVS 2016


TEGoVA launches European Valuation Standards 2016, a cornerstone for the safety and security of European property markets and mortgage lending


Krzysztof Grzesik, Chairman of TEGoVA and John Hockey, Chairman of the European Valuation Standards Board, said “The Mortgage Credit Directive cites EVS as reliable standards to be used by mortgage banks. In its Asset Quality Review, the European Central Bank has given primacy to EVS over all other standards for the valuation of banks’ real estate collateral. EVS 2016 deepens our European commitment, refining valuer guidance in areas of systemic risk.”


Roger Messenger, Chairman of the European Valuation Qualifications Board, said  “This new edition is a major event for the thousands of Recognised European Valuers and TEGoVA Residential Valuers who, in order to gain and retain their titles, must master EVS to be able to contribute to the safety and security of European property markets and mortgage lending.”

Danijela Ilic, President of the National Association of Valuers of Serbia – NAVS, said: “In Serbia there are 42 Recognized European Valuers who master EVS and thus contribute to the stability of the financial system in Serbia, the security of the domestic real estate market  and security of mortgage loans.”


EVS_2            Brussels, 13 May 2016

For further information contact:

TMA Secretariat NAVS/NUPS on +381 11 2422 961

TEGoVA Secretariat, on +32 2 503 32 34

+32 478 22 54 53


European Valuation Standards 2016 at:


National Association of Valuers of Serbia NAVS (NUPS) is an independent  association of  valuers in Serbia, founded near the end of 2006 in Belgrade, as a non-governmental and not for profit organization. NAVS’s main goal is to act towards the public interest and to promote significance of the valuation profession, to organize education for valuers and to organize continuous educational activities for its members, to publish the latest editions of internationally recognized standards (EVS and IVS)  in the Serbian language.

Today, NAVS has  152 members, 84 % property valuers, 11 % business valuers and 5 % machine and equipment valuers.

NAVS has achieved AMA (Awarding member Association) status in TEGoVA in 2012 and thus achieved the possibility to issue TEGoVA REV professional designation to its members, as a confirmation of the quality in valuation of real estate.


The European Group of Valuers’ Associations (TEGoVA) is the European organisation of national valuers’ associations, covering 61 professional bodies from 32 countries with 70,000 valuers comprising specialist consultancies, major private sector companies and government departments both local and national. Its main objectives are the creation and spreading of harmonised standards for valuation practice, for education and qualification as well as for corporate governance and for ethics for valuers. It speaks with a common voice on valuation to European legislators and policy makers.


Exam dates for real estate course are:

18.06.2016. Podgorica

25.06.2016. Beograd

15.10.2016. Beograd

Application should be sent to by 7.6.2016.

CPD education

The program of continuing professional education for 2016.


List of seminars



Latest EVS 2012 standards

Dear all,

in October, comes out on the latest, 7th edition EVS 2012 standards translated into Serbian.

Price of the book is 90eur for members, while price for other is 120eur. If you are interested send us an email to with your data (or company data) and we will send you a copy.


National Appraisers Association of Romania – ANEVAR held a conference on 09. june 2007. in Timisoara – members of our association were also present. National Appraisers Association of Romania exists for 15 years and as soon as NUPS was created our cooperation started. The main issue was “Appliance of statistics in appraisal of capital”. Organizers’ goal was to highlight significance of statistics in representation of market capital appraisal, financial indices, as well as to point out the need for additional education of appraisers on the field of statistics. All information gathered on this conference will be represented to the members.