We are pleased to invite you to register for ONLINE seminar scheduled for 7th December 2022 at 15:00h CET with the topic – THE VALUE OF TOKENIZED INTERESTS IN REAL ESTATE by Dennis A. Webb, MAI, ASA, FRICS – a business and real estate appraiser, former syndicator and engineer.


The blockchain brings us tokens and a brave new world of fractionalization that can dramatically expand avenues for real estate investment. But is everything what it seems? In this guidance packed Webinar, Dennis will provide an eye-opening, multidisciplinary perspective on tokenized and otherwise-shared real estate ownership.


We will discover how the partly new tokenized ownership structure can both mitigate and worsen risk to the token holder. You will come away with principles that you can use to help your clients understand tokenization’s economic realities, and be able to:


  • Identify key attributes of real estate tokenization that affect value
  • Make important comparisons with familiar ownership structures
  • Ask the right questions about new risks investors might be taking on with tokens
  • Find out how the promised token marketplaces might be helpful for owners and valuers

Dennis A. Webb, MAI, ASA, FRICS, is a business and real estate appraiser, former syndicator and engineer. Webb is the principal of Primus Valuations® a specialty valuation and litigation consulting firm with offices in Los Angeles and Denver. Webb’s practice is focused on the business of holding and operating real estate, allocating value to special-use real estate, and business valuation. His passion is bringing understanding, clarity, collaboration and technology to bear on valuation of hard-to-value asset interests, a niche specialty which has long proved vexing for appraisers, advisors, the courts, and property owners alike. His mission has resulted in numerous articles and presentations for valuation professionals, lawyers and property owners. His most recent work is the definitive “Valuing Fractional Interests in Real Estate 2.0,” a complete upgrade of the valuation process for LLC, LP and common tenancy interests. A native of Los Angeles, Dennis now lives in Denver, Colorado, and enjoys writing, hiking, traveling and dancing Argentine Tango (not necessarily in that order). Contact:


Attendance on this online seminar brings you 2 points for CPD – Continuing Professional Development for REV certified valuers . Also, according to the RICS system for CPD qualifying activities which is based on personal assessment i.e. individual member deciding which activities are relevant for their professional development, we recommend this seminar for your personal professional development in valuation profession.


Seminar will be broadcasted via online web platform (we will send you the link). Participants will be able to send questions to speakers via CHAT on the platform or via email.

Seminar will be available only in scheduled time in Belgrade time zone (CET).



Fee is 70 EUR (+VAT)

For members of NAVS fee is 50 EUR (+VAT)


You can register by sending an email to (name of the participant, email address, information about payer)