Top 21 European cities to invest in 2024*

Top 21 European cities to invest in 2024*

I am happy to announce that for the second year in a row I have prepared a detailed annual manual on investing in real estate in 2024 at the European level, with special reference to the real estate market in Serbia.

This manual contains the most significant data from the real estate market, the macroeconomic outlook on its development, as well as my projections of market developments in 2024.

In addition, last year in the first manual I created a unique indicator that reflects a set of indicators from the real estate market, and ranks 21 European cities by its investment attractiveness through a unique index.

I believe that this is a significant benefit for all investors and those who plan to become one because it is an opportunity to compare this index year after year with the previous time period.

In this edition for 2024, the novelty in the manual is the cap rate for each city, as well as the introduction of the ranking of Belgrade in order to get the best impression of the comparative position of the capital of Serbia compared to the rest of Europe.

You can download the manual by clicking on the link:

Good luck with your investments in 2024! ☺️

The opinions and views in this status are my own and should not be treated as investment advice. You should do your own research before making any investment decision. All risks and losses associated with investments are your personal responsibility.