3rd NAVS Conference

3rd  NAVS  Conference was held in Belgrade on 13.04.2019 with more than 110 delegates..

Presentations and gallery are given below.

Krzysztof Grzesik – PresentationNAVSBelgradeApril2019

Pat Davitt-TEGoVA – Serbia April 19- Non-Performing Loans Ireland_

Richard Grover NUPS presentation 13 April 2019






Artical in European Valuer – Danijela Ilic

The European Valuer published in January by TEGoVA bring Danijela Ilics’s article “Going beyond real estate valuation”

On below link you can find complete publication


3rd NAVS Real Estate Valuation Conference



Draft Agenda



We would like to invite you to 3rd NAVS Real Estate Valuation Conference.

Conference will begin at 09.30h on 13. April 2019. in Hotel “Metropol”.

Please send your registration information to office@procenitelji.org.rs

The first meeting of the working group EBVSC was held in Belgrade

The first meeting of the working group within the TEGoVA Committee for European Business Valuation Standards (EBVSC) was held in Belgrade on January 18, 2019.
Danijela Ilic, FRICS, REV is the president of the EBVSC committee composed of 14 members from Europe, who are representatives of the valuation associations- TEGoVA’s members .
The EBVSC Committee aims to prepare European Business Valuation Standards (EBVS) that will serve as a professional framework for valuers in that field.
The final text of EBVS is expected to be presented to all members of TEGoVA  in September 2019 for the  public discussion, after which it will be proposed at the TEGoVA General Assembly for adoption.

EBVSC sub-group – From left to right:

Allan Traynor, FCCA, IRRV(Hon)  – UK

Vesna Stefanovic REV, ASA, Techical author of EBVSC, Chairman of the Board of NUPS/NAVS – Serbia

Danijela Ilic REV,FRICS, Chairman of EBVS Commettee, President NUPS/NAVS – Serbia

Ella Dunphy, MIPAV REV MCEI MSCSI MRICS, President IPAV – Ireland

Ivars Strautins, REV, Vice-President LIVA – Latvia

License Agreement between iiBV and NAVS

After couple of years of collaboration in the organization of internationally recognized courses for business valuations in Serbia in English language, National Association of Valuers of Serbia (NAVS) has signed License Agreement with the International Institute for Business Valuation (iiBV) for business valuation courses to be held in Serbia, on Serbian language,  whereby courses on Serbian language will be accredited by ASA due to agreement between iiBV and American Society of Appraisers (ASA).

Agreement between NAVS and iiBV represents a historical moment in the education of all interesed in business valuation in Serbia because until recently internationally recognized education was mostly available to employees in well-known auditing companies, through their “in-house” trainings and some through iiBV and/or ASA courses. An easier and more approachable access to internationally recognized education for business valuations , in Serbian language, will provide harmonization of practice in this field and will rise quality of valuations among all valuators who work in their own smaller companies. Domestic valuers of business valuation, with the necessary condition for education, and by meeting all other conditions will be able to acquire internationally the most famouse accreditation for business valuation – ASA.

Danijela Ilic, FRICS, REV, President of NAVS commented that “although for the past several years iiBV have held courses for business valuations, in English language, in NAVS, a big step forward has been made in support of domestic valuers of business valuations because it will be provided education in Serbian language for them. The Licence Agreement involves freequently update of educational materials  on a regular basis by iiBV course curators that are recognized both as experienced business valuers and as experts in knowledge transfer.





TEGoVA General Assembly in Athens: Approved decision for Development of European Business Valuation Standards

At the initiative of associations, that are TEGoVA members, which have capital valuators among their members, but also because of the increasing interest of real estate valuers who want to diversify their services on the market, to the TEGoVA Management Board has proposed the preparation of European Business Valuation Standards. TEGoVA Management Board approved this initiative and put it to the vote at the General Assembly in Athens. The initiative was approved also by the General Assembly and that represents a revolutionary step towards in the development of the TEGoVA because until now it was recognized as an organization that brings together the best experts in the field of real estate valuations, publishes European standards for real estate valuation and professional marks REV, REVC and TRV

As soon as possible, TEGoVA will bring together a commission of top experts from the ranks of its members and begin to prepare European standards for business valuations. These standards will primarily be adapted to the needs of the real estate valuators, who also works on business valuations.

In the future, TEGoVA will be analyzing necessary and lacking knowledge and skills with the real estate valuers that want to develop in the field of business valuations. TEGoVA will support educational initiatives aimed at providing such programs.


New information publications


On web page


you can find fresh publications of  NUPS bilten and  TEGoVA Valuer.

New Rulebook on the membership

NAVS Board of director are adopted  new Rulebook on the membership.


Rulebook on the membership

Web maintenance

During night 20.05.2018, from 20h web site NAVS will be unreachable in one hour period during maintenance.

iiBV course started last weekend

During last week new iiBV course program has started with Mr Jeffrey Tarbel, ASA, CFA  from USA as lecturer.